Alaska is known for its stunningly beautiful mountains, rivers and glacier-carved valleys, but it is also one of the happiest states in America. We have come here to explore one of the natures most extraordinary settings and learn beauty and wellbeing trips from the people that choose to call Alaska home. 


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Where Rachel Went in Alaska


Rachel met up with local comedian Justin Hoyte, to discover why Alaskans are so happy. She talked fashion with him too and learnt there isn’t a huge fashion scene here, as the people prefer comfortability and warmth over style. With that in mind, Jason took Rachel to a local store to find an outfit that matched the climate a little better. 

Rachel was then invited to lunch by Denali Whiting, who grew up in a remote Alaskan native village. Denali keeps her origins and culture alive through the food, health, and beauty traditions. She still eats a traditional diet which includes seal, whale, and moose.  It is then Rachel’s turn to try boiled Salmon eggs, Seal oil, Caribou and Moose soup.

Then Rachel goes to a farm of domesticated Muskox. The ancient animal produces a fibre that is one of the warmest and softest in the world. The wonder fibre, Qiviut, is hypoallergenic and is 8 times warmer than wool. It is one of Alaska’s best-kept fashion secrets that the world needs to know about.

 The Sparck triplets have created natural cosmetics that comes from land they grew up on called the Tundra. The sisters became convinced of the arctic botanicals growing around them because they battle 24 hours of sunlight in the summer. Rachel helps the sisters make their facial moisturizer.