Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of Latin America. The people are passionate, sensual vibrant and have their own sense of style and beauty.


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Where Rachel went in Argentina

Markus Mens Spa

The Break Club

Universo Garden Angels

milonga at La Glorieta

Rachel meets local socialite, Charlotte Caniggia, who proudly subscribes to Argentinian philosophy ‘More is More. She first had plastic surgery as a teenager and visiting a beauty parlor is apart of her daily routine. She explains that beauty in Argentina is all about looking fit and sexy. 

But it isn’t just the women of Argentina who are image conscious, the men are into their beauty routines as much as the women. Rachel visits Marcus Mens Spa, which offers treatments that includes Mesotherapy, wine therapy, and Genital Whitening.  

To relieve some stress, Rachel goes to The Break Club, which is all about releasing tension by smashing stuff up. After destroying a few wine bottles and a computer, Rachel emerges from The Break Room, relaxed and with a sweat after working out her tension. 

At Universo Garden Angels, they offer a beauty therapy that helps people find harmony in their thoughts and feelings, and after all of the bashing about at The Break Club, Rachel thinks this is exactly what she needs. Aroma Color Therapy matches colors people choose to their scents.  

You cannot go to Buenos Aires without taking part in the Tango, the national dance of Argentina.  So Rachel gets a make-over for the Tango look, including dark eyes, bright red lips, sexy dress and heels, and then hit the dance floor