Miami is one of the hottest cities in America, it’s beaches are nearly as hot as its people. It has also become one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world - and Rachel is here to discover why so many people are willing to go under the knife - no matter what their age!

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Where Rachel Went in Florida

Perez Plastic Surgery

The Palace


Coral Gables

In Florida, Rachel went to the Miami Institute for Age Management & Intervention for a high tech consultation to see what the leading plastic surgeon would recommend for her. 

While Rachel considers if she would ever get plastic surgery, she heads to Fort Lauderdale, where a local cosmetic surgeon has a unique group of clients - senior citizens in their 70s and 80s!  Age isn’t something to hold these people back, who want to look as young as they feel!

Rachel is invited to watch a couple of these surgeries - including that of 73 year old Carol who is having a facelift. Rachel meets and chats to Carol both before and after surgery. 

Rachel also visits The Palace at Coral Gables, a senior living community that celebrates feeling and looking young. The place looks like a 5 Star Hotel and is filled with every luxury imaginable.