When you imagine paradise, you imagine Hawaii. Everyone walks around with a beautiful healthy glow that the locals call the ‘Aloha Spirit’. Rachel is here to discover if it is their climate, environment, cuisine, or natural beauty products that make the people of Hawaii look and feel so beautiful.

Poke Bowl

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Where Rachel Went in Hawaii

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows

Lava Watsu

DT Fleming Beach

Hyatt Regency

Maui Resort and Spa

Umekes Fish Market Bar and Grill

Kaanapali Beach

'ili Coffee Scrub

North Shore Soap Factory

Thanks to Hawaii Airlines Rachel starts off her stay in Hawaii by learning to surf with former professional surfer and Hawaii Airlines employee Kula Barbieto. But, before the lesson, Kula teaches Rachel about some local beauty secrets, including the Kukui Nut and Olena kombucha.

Rachel then gets some of the healthiest fast food anywhere on the planet, Tuna Poke. At Umekes, the prince of Poke cuts up a fresh tuna to make the best Poke Bowl you can get. 

Natasha is from a long line of coffee growers and has developed her own coffee bean beauty products. Because coffee is so high in antioxidants it is excellent as a scrub, so Rachel makes Natasha’s own body scrub that is made with only natural ingredients. 

After a disastrous attempt at surfing, Rachel tries Lava Watsu which is a form of Shiatsu massage that is performed in water. It is said to relieve tension, promote tranquility and be good for your nerves.

At the North Shore Soap Factory, Rachel learns more about the secrets of the Kukui Nut. The Kukui nut oil can help with eczema, sunburns, scaring, and the linolenic acid in the nut can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Rachel then makes her own signature soap.