On her Tour of Beauty in India, Rachel searches for spiritual well being. In Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganges, Rachel learns there is an attitude to life hugely in contrast with the west's chase for youth. And in South India, a date with destiny sees Rachel meet Sadhguru, an incredibly modern man with a very ancient way of thinking...

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Where Rachel went in India

Isha Yoga Foundation

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Sunrise on the river Ganges … what a way to start her Tour of Beauty in India, and for Rachel it’s a dream come true.   She’s here to dig deeper and find the tools for well-being and a happy life.

Continuing her search for well-being, Rachel heads south and in Kerala she visits an Aryuvedic hospital to learn more about the “science of life”. It’s a fascinating visit and Rachel has a number of “interesting” treatments for her ailments!

The city of Varanasi is a lively one, but interestingly, it’s also a place where people come to die and Rachel meets Professor Shastri, who has moved here in the hope that he will die here. His thoughts about death and life get Rachel thinking about her own life and the quest to live a happy one.

Finally, Rachel heads to Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore where she meets Sadhguru. He’s one of India’s top 50 influential people, and has a huge following in India and around the globe. She sits down with the guru in the hope he may have the answers Rachel's been looking for…..