Japan's Face Shaving



What is facial shaving?

Throughout our Tour of Beauty journey, we definitely encountered some ‘unique’ beauty rituals! Although we must admit, Japan’s ‘face shaving’, would have to be one the strangest we came across – and don’t get us wrong, we were hesitant to give it a go. However we knew if there was on thing Japanese woman were renowned for, it was their beautiful skin, and if facial blading was their secret to achieving glowing skin, we had to try it.


To the local Japanese women, facial blading (otherwise known to westerners as dermaplaning) is an extremely common beauty treatment, and has been around for many years. And while you may think, it’s used purely for removing facial fuzz; the treatment is in fact used for ‘servicing the skin’.Facial blading is believed to work as an exfoliator and when you apply products onto shaved skin, it allows them to penetrate deeper into the dermal layer. Medispas throughout Japan also use facial blading as a means to treat pigmentations, mild scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.


What to expect:

If you have ever received a facial, the blading treatment starts off very similar. The therapist starts by cleansing the face (twice) and then applies small pads over your eyes. Then it’s time to take a deep breath as the razor blade takes to your face. Seeing a sharp blade at the corner of your eye is beyond horrific, though, fortunately you do overcome this fear after a short while. The blade is used with short sweeping motions and lucky it’s relatively painless and doesn’t take long. The therapist finishes with a relaxing facial massage and then hot towels the face; finally moisturizer and eye serum is applied.


There was no irritation to the skin or redness and it truly leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The results last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, AND we can safely say that NO stubble grew back after this!!