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Fermentation and its benefits!

While very much a current trend, fermented foods have been consumed traditionally by many cultures around the world for years. These include foods like yoghurts, sourdough breads, sauerkrauts, and of course the Korean staple – kimchi!!

Kimchi – the korean staple

Born out of a need to preserve food through the winter seasons, the process of fermentation creates beneficial bacteria – or probiotics – in our food.

These “good” bacteria have a huge range of benefits for the body. They support systemic wellness, digestive system health and proper functioning of the immune system.  

Fermented foods are also high in antioxidants and may play a role in mitigating the risk of certain cancers as well as reducing overall inflammation in the body.

Kimchi is a national Korean dish that accompanies every meal. There are hundreds of different kinds, although the most internationally well known is the spicy fermented cabbage dish with chili peppers and often garlic, red pepper, spring onion, ginger, salt, and sugar.


It can be pretty hot! especially to the untrained palate, but give it a try, you can definitely train your taste buds to love it, and your body will love you back for all the goodness it brings!