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New York City is the capital of the fashion and beauty world, and where Rachel started her international modeling career. Now, Rachel is back to see how much the ideals and standards of beauty have changed since she started her modeling career 30 years ago.

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Smooth Synergy

Central park boat house

Obsessive Compulsive Vegan Cosmetics

Quintessence Restaurant

On her tour of beauty in New York City, Rachel gets a “Fanny/Butt Facial” where she tries to lift and tone her backside using Microcurrent Therapy. She then learns about sexual well being with Dr. George Liakeas at Smooth Synergy. 

But how would Rachel fare if she wanted to start her modeling career in 2017? After a photo shoot, she takes her new photos to a former booking agent and vice president of Ford Models, to see what they think. 

Then Rachel Meets with supermodel and friend, Carol Alt, who teaches her about the benefits of a raw food diet. They visit a store that sells vegan cosmetics, and believes the best beauty products come when nothing is harmed in the process of creating it. 

While talking with Daniel Saint from Nylon Media, Rachel learns that the “Instamodel" and influencers are the new supermodels. No one can make it if they don’t have a flourishing social media account. These influencers come in a broad range of diverse shapes and sizes are replacing the cover girls of days gone by. 

Rachel meets some of these models to see what life is like as a plus size model in New York City learning there is now a place for women who represent all different types of bodies size and shape.