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1. What made you begin Yoga?

When I first tried Yoga I was a football player looking to improve my flexibility and focus. In 2014 I suffered an injury and through Yoga I healed myself. This experience was so powerful that I retired from football and began teaching yoga. 

2. Can you explain what the Yin Yoga practice entails and how does it compare to other styles?

Yin Yoga is a slow, spacious and relaxing. The poses we do are very simple and mostly on the floor which makes it ideal for beginners. Other styles of Yoga can be faster and more complex. I believe Yin Yoga is medicine for the modern world and this fast paced life we lead. 


3. Has Yoga had an impact on your life?

Definitely. Yoga was the gateway into a new lifestyle for me as it changed the way I viewed my mind, body and overall health. My body has changed so much since I started practicing, my mind is clearer than ever 


4. What are three benefits to practicing yoga

  • A more comfortable body to live in. 
  • A clearer mind.
  • A community of positive, like minded people. 


5. Do you have a favourite Yoga position?

Childs Pose. Whenever I need to relax and clear my mind I drop down into this simple yet powerful pose. 


6. What are three words you live by?

Be. Here. Now.