Q&A with Shannen from Craft Burger Food Truck


We caught up from Shannen from Craft Burger Food Truck about what it was like during Hurricane Harvey and whether he would hire Rachel. 

What was it like during Hurricane Harvey?

I have never experienced anything like Harvey. It rained so hard for three days straight. We were so worried that it would flood and we wouldn't be able to evacuate. We never lost power or water but we could see the destruction on the news around town. 

Did you stay in the area?

We were able to stay in our house. The areas around us were evacuated but our community wasn't hit too hard.

We heard that you were out with the food truck helping out, What was that like?

We did go out with the food truck once it was safe. We stayed local and feed the first responders and evacuees in Fort Bend County. We were very surprised by the good spirits the people had. The officers had been working long hours and were tired, the evacuees were from all different backgrounds. This storm didn't discriminate. It affected people of all different backgrounds and social standings. It was hard for them to believe that we were giving food away. We just couldn't see charging be who had been through so much. 

Were you surprised about the outpouring of support?

I was totally surprised by the outpouring of support. So many people opened up their homes and businesses for people in need. Still today there are the different organization that post on social media who and where people need help. 

If people still want to help, do you have any recommendations?

I would recommend donating to local charities instead of large national one. I worked with large charities and I didn't feel as though they were as effective. 

Now a couple of questions about the show:

Since filming the episode, have you added a vegan option to the menu? 

Not vegan but vegetarian I have added a stuffed portabella burgers

What was your experience like, having Rachel come join you on in the food truck?

I loved having Rachel on the truck. She was awesome. I would hire her anytime. Lol

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