San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a place where crazy ideas are welcome, so it is not surprising newest beauty ideas and technology are emerging from the area. Rachel is here to discover how apps, bots, and gadgets might be able to make us more attractive in the world of digital health and well-being. 

Future food: Crickets


Where Rachel Went in
San Francisco

ZIIP Beauty


Tiny Farms

Three Stone Hearth

First up Rachel meets with former beauty therapist to the stars, Melanie Simon, who has developed a device that she says will revolutionize skin care. Ziip is an electric facial device that is designed to put energy back into the skin through nano currents. The accompanying app details all of the different treatments available which can be done at home in your own time.

Then Rachel visits beauty entrepreneur, Pree Walia, who has developed Nailbot which is preparing to give the world a digital manicure. The device uses your smartphone to print anything on your nails in 5 seconds. Rachel is able to print an image of her dog directly into her nails.

Chris Dancy uses digital data to track everything he can about himself so he can live the healthiest life possible. For the last 8 years, he has used sensors on his body and in his home to collect data to view a more holistic view of how he spends his time. He uses apps for everything, from waking him up at the optimal time to what and when he eats. Since tracking his every move, Chris has lost weight and started living a healthier more enjoyable life. 

One of the craziest health trends to come out of San Francisco is from Tiny Farms who believe the future of our health will consist of a diet full of insects. They are trying to figure out a way to sustainably farm millions of crickets for human consumption.  Ounce for ounce, crickets have double the amount of protein of beef and three times more iron, they are also packed with fibre, good fats and minerals so it is easy to see why some believe they are the future of our cuisine. Rachel then tries some cricket tacos and is pleasantly surprised at how good they are. 

Rachel then leaves technology behind and visits Three Stone Hearth who believe the future of our health lies in our past. They practice old school fermentation methods to create a wide range of products, including kombucha which is famous for its ability to detox the body