Texas is the home of BIG! Big meals, big people, big personalities. But Rachel is here to discover there is a food revolution happening that promotes natural and fresh food. She also learns about beauty techniques in space and a new fitness regime. 


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Where Rachel went in Texas

Health Fitness Revolution

Fully Raw Kristina

Craft Burger Food Truck

Five years ago Houston was known as one of the fattest cities in America, so first up, Rachel has to stop for some fast-food. But before she tucks in,  she meets up with Faith Foreman, who is a part of the Go Healthy Houston Taskforce, which has been able to get Houston off the fattest cities list. 

To burn off that fast food, Rachel joins personal trainer Samir Becic of Health Fitness Revolution for a workout. Samir believes that your body is the only gym you need and you can improvise a workout with whatever is around you. 

Next Rachel meets up with Fully Raw Kristina, who has been a raw vegan for 12 years. Kristina runs a co op that feeds thousands of local families with fresh, raw and organic produce. Kristina grew up eating the most unhealthy diet imaginable but when she was diagnosed with diabetes she switched to only Raw Vegan food and naturally reversed her diabetes. She has the philosophy that ‘if you want to feel alive, then why would you eat something that is dead’ and devoted her life to it. 

Before Rachel leaves she has to see if she can pull off Texas’ iconic fashion style.  Rachel gets a make over that includes that big Texas hair, bad ass boots and last but not least a cowboy hat. 

Rachel Began her Houston adventure with a greasy burger and now is going to end with one when she visits the Craft Burger food truck. However, Rachel wants to see if any of their customers would want to try one of her vegan burgers.