In Vancouver, being clean, green, fit, and healthy is just a way of life. Even their fashion is recyclable. The city constantly rates as one of the healthiest places to live in the world, so we have come here to learn everything we can. 



Where Rachel Went in Canada

Wickaninnish Inn

Fairmont Waterfront

Hello BC

Vancouver is so committed to being green, the hotel Rachel is staying at even has its own vegetable garden and beehives on their roof. The Fairmont Hotel has made health and well being a priority for guests, so grow its own organic fruits and vegetables. They are a Zero Waste hotel so 90% of their waste will not end up in a landfill. Creating a clean, green, natural city is the goal for many people living in Vancouver.

Then Rachel meets up with Myriam Laroche? who is leading the charge for eco-fashion in the city and has started Eco Fashion Week with the goal of promoting sustainable fashion and educating consumers and designers. They then meet up with fashion designer, Nicole Bridges, who is committed to showing that ethical fashion can still have all of the style and function of regular fashion but that is sustainably responsible. 

Pink House is a family business that makes chemical free products for your skin. Tracey Olson and her nieces, Tegan and Lindsay,  are also passionate about spending the word about harmful chemicals in some manufactured brands. 

Rachel then meets Dr Carla Cupido, who believes our digital addiction is messing with our minds. Carla believes that being bored is essential to our imagination and creativity so has challenged Rachel to lock her phone away for a couple of days, so that Rachel uses her phone mindfully and not mindlessly.

With her phone locked away, Rachel heads to Tofino on Vancouver Island, where she goes foraging for marine plants. Alexander McNaughton is a master wild forager, who started his own business supplying wild food that he harvests himself. He teaches Rachel about the wild seaweeds, mushrooms, and berries that can be found and their health benefits. 

Catherine Bruwhiler takes Rachel to Hot Springs Cove for some hot/cold therapy. The boiling water cascading down from the rocks above mixed with the cold seawater creates relaxing pools to bathe in.