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“The Bowl”

Unless you live under a rock or are a minority, you would have noticed the ‘in-thing’ is to now serve your breakfast in a bowl (guilty). Many refer to this social media phenomena as the ‘smoothie bowl’. And it seems the bowls are here to stay and they won’t just be used for breakfast bowls. They will also be branching out into Dinner and breakfast bowls. This includes, macro bowls, veggie bowls and even sushi-style bowls- we say bring on the bowls!



If you’re unfamiliar with this expression, it’s simply a trend of clothing which is a combination of leisure and athletic wear. We’re not complaining- hey if it gives us an excuse to rock our comfy tracksuit pants outside of our home, or if it means we can wear or leggings straight from the gym out to brunch and be ‘fashionable’… we’re all for it!


“Digital Detox”

From social media, to e-mailing or endlessly searching the Internet, technology is consuming our lives one way or another. Though people are no longer ignorant to how much it’s controlling lives, this is why some are feeling the need to go on a detox. No, we don’t mean your typical juice cleanse, we’re talking about a technology detox. People are taking the weekend off to rid themselves of all technology devices, as away to try and re-connect with themselves and those around them.


“Organic fast food Chains”

We have already seen this trend starting to occur in some of the big fast food chains, which are now offering ‘healthier options.’ This is proving nutritional food can also be a ‘fast food’’ alternative. It’s believed fast food chains will continue to go ‘organic’ and it’s trusted more and more companies will enter the ‘organic fast food’ industry. It seems to have started- there has already been an increase of easy accessible healthy food options popping up over the world. Whether it is home meal deliveries, salad bars...even some vending machines that are notorious for offering ‘junk food’ are turning to the green side.



“Float Tanks”

It seems ‘float therapy’ is quickly becoming the spa treatment of choice. Many are opting for the therapy because of its ability to relax the mind and body. So how does it work? you are placed in a tank of warm water, which is also filled with Epsom salts. The combination of the two gives the body a ‘floating effect’ and enables you to release tension and stress. (The Epsom salts also draws out toxins from the body). The tank has a relaxing effect on you, which comes from the feeling that you are ‘floating’. This allows for the body to go into meditative state, have deeper level of conciciousness and a clearer cognitive clarity. It’s no wonder these tanks are popping up all over the world!


"Wellness in-room options"

You may no longer be able to use the excuse, when on holidays “I had no time.” It’s been said hotels in the US are starting to offer, as part of their ‘guest amenities,’ work out equipment, which can be used in the comfort of your own room. Hmm we don’t know if this will be replacing our room service order, just yet.



We previously wrote a blog article about the super food, matcha and all of its health benefits. It seems this year, the world will be going even madder over Mactha. We already know it to be the goddess of green tea and the queen of antioxidants, but will it also be the new coffee? The answer would be YES, It’s be found people have started swapping their daily cup of Jo for a sachet of Matcha tea or smoothie and this trend will only continue to grow. We may even see it becoming a key ingredient in some of our favourite rawsnacks!


“Good gut”

During our tour of beauty journey, we found a common part to many countries diet was ‘fermented food’. Different cultures were including it in their diet because of its ability to produce good bacteria for the gut.

2016 is said to send the world on a 'fermented food frenzy', as many people are finding the importance of having healthy gut and how it affect your overall health and wellbeing.