Starting her Australian Tour of Beauty in sunny Queensland, Rachel finds out that like the Great Barrier Reef, our skin is under attack from the elements. A new DNA test designed to reveal her skins genetic make up gives Rachel a surprising diagnosis, and a wild food expert turns Rachel’s idea of healthy food upside down.

Finger Limes


Where Rachel went in Australia

Lucas Paw Paw



It was a high flying start to Rach's Tour of Beauty as she took flight over the Great Barrier Reef with Stefan Mazy from Skin DNA. Wow what a view! And the destination was equally as spectacular. A tiny sand cay (well big enough for a couple of choppers) in the middle of the ocean! (check out a couple of behind the scenes pics on Rachel's blog from the menu above). What a morning!

Back on the mainland - and following the results of her DNA test - Rach took to the shops of Port Douglas to find a hat and follow that old aussie / kiwi mantra -  "Slip Slop Slap".

All that hard work and hot sun can make a girl hungry, so thankfully the next stop included lunch. But only if you catch it first!  Rach, under the guidance of local hunter gatherer Linc Walker, got a few instructions on using a  stick for a spear, and they were off! 

Next stop was Brizzy - where Australian food scientist Vic Cherikoff took Rach - hi-vis vest and all - for a whistle stop tour of the Brisbane Markets. Wow, what a place! Here, Rach tried all sorts of delicious local fruit and vegetables, only to have Vic shock her with his thoughts on their nutritional value.

Of course, no Tour of Beauty to Brisbane would be complete without a stop at the Lucas Papaw factory. Not only is this versatile ointment a mainstay in the handbags of celebrities around the world, it's also a family run business with a hugely interesting history.

For more thoughts from Rach, check out the blog from the menu above.