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Fruit is definitely one of the sweetest gifts that nature offers! And no matter what country we are in, we’re always keen to trial their native fruits. So when we were in Australia and introduced to a fruit that resembled a green finger, we couldn’t wait to have a bite. It turned out this finger like fruit was actually ironically enough called a ‘finger lime.’ It’s a unique Australian fruit that contains clusters of citrus pearl like roe, and when you eat the pearls they pop in side your mouth and send your sensory system into overdrive. If we were to describe the fruits flavour, it would be similar to lime, just a tad more subtle and with a very different texture.



This little gem was not only easy on our taste buds; it was also visually appeasing. It turns out we were not alone in thinking this, apparently many locals use the fruit in an array of food and beverages as they make for a great decoration addition. As you can see below finger limes look a lot like caviar and are in fact often referred to as ‘citrus caviar’YUM!

Benefits of Finger Limes


Vitamin C: Finger limes contain considerable amounts of both Vitamin C and B. These two vitamins are seen as key for energizing the body, boosting the metabolism and stabilizing your emotional state (keeping away depression and anxiety). The fruit is also rich in foliate, potassium and Vitamin E – a true superfood hero.



Anti-aging: The internal seeds of the finger limes are made up of “citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid” all of which are ingredients used in anti-aging products. By consuming the seeds or applying topically they are believed to aid in ridding signs of aging and help keep your skin hydrated.


Polyphenols: The fruit also contains polyphenols, which is a powerful antioxidant, similar to the one found in green tea. By eating the lime it can help maintain a healthy immune system and improve your overall health.