On her Tour of Beauty in China, Rachel searches for tips on exercise and achieving the perfect skin of a Chinese Empress, and along the way discovers some of the ancient secrets of traditional Chinese medicines and teas, that claim to both prevent and cure all manner of illness. She also meets the aging population of the Hainan province, and challenges a 100 year old man to a bike race...

Bone Broth Super Food

Birds Nest Soup


Where Rachel went in China

Master Baoxuan Zhang

Ditan park

Rachel’s Tour of Beauty starts bright and early in Ritan Park, Beijing, where she joins the locals for some early morning exercise.

A well-earned breakfast follows, and Rachel meets Michelle and Alex for a traditional millet porridge in the beautiful Hutongs. If – like Rach – porridge isn’t your thing – there are eggs, tofu and fermented vegetables on the breakfast menu too.

More food follows and this time it’s the night markets where Rachel sees stalls selling all kinds of delectable snacks from scorpions on a stick to sheep’s penis. Which ones will she dare to try!?!

From Beijing, Rach is off to Hainan Island to find out what it is about this place that makes the locals live so long. She meets some incredible locals, who despite their old age, still live an active and enjoyable life.

But of course it can’t be all play, and no work! and Rachel has been asked to do a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine China. On location, she meets Jane Nui who offers Rachel some insights on the self-image and beauty attitudes of young people in China.

Of course, you don’t want to miss the ”Tour de Beauty” where Rachel takes on Mr Lee in a bike race through the village. You may be surprised at who is victorious!