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If you could name one thing the Asian culture was known for, I think we could all agree, it would be their timeless beauty. A question many westerns ask is, ‘how do they maintain their youthful look, what secrets could they possibly hold for slowing down the aging process ?'. As we learnt during our time in China, the culture is extremely focused on living a harmonized and balanced lifestyle. They believe this is one of the key elements to fulfilling a healthy and more beautiful life. We also discovered the locals consume some ‘different’ types of food, many of which we wouldn’t even consider eating…. That’s right, you guessed it- we’re referring to the ‘Bird's nest soup.’ This unusual ingredient is considered one of the best ‘youth tonics available in traditional Chinese medicine’.



What is Bird's nest soup:


Bird’s nest is an extremely sacred natural product and considered a delicacy in the Chinese culture, due to its expensive price tag. A small bowl can cost anywhere up to $100 USD. The reason for the hefty price is because of the difficulty that goes into harvesting the nests. The bird’s nest is formed (to put bluntly) from the saliva of the bird, these nest's and can only be located on top of ocean cliffs. The believed restorative properties, which are derived from the enzymes of the bird’s saliva, are endless. However if you were expecting a certain taste, then you would be wrong. The nest actually has no flavor and for this reason it’s normally served as a desert in a sweetened soup.


Bird’s nest benefits:

Bird’s nest is packed filled with natural nutrients, which include, amino acids, glycol-proteins, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. The nest provides an array of believed health and beauty benefits, which include:

  • Revitalisation of the skins epidermal cells which inturn improves elastin and the overall complexion of your skin.
  • When used in conjunction with a collaged based products, bird’s nest can aid in rejuvenating dull and aged skin by restoring a youthful radiant glow back into the skin.
  • Strengthening of the body’s immune system
  • Improving cardiovascular and respiratory functions.
  • Minimises the feeling of fatigue.
  • Libido booster andother sexual functions.