France has long been a country admired for its taste in style, luxury, and beauty. But what exactly is that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that defines French Beauty?

French Beauty Tips


Where Rachel went in France

Cercle Delacre

Didact Hair

Bistro Paul Bert

Caudalie spa

Fragonard Perfumerie

On her Tour of Beauty in France, Rachel uncovers some secrets of true French style, and explores the much talked about French paradox - including the health benefits of drinking French red wine.

Fancy a bite to eat? If there’s one thing Rachel has learnt, the French know how to put away their food. Steak, fries, cheese and wine, they love it all! Rachel dines out with Dietician Camille Petite to find the answer to eating high fat foods but still staying healthy.

Rachel also catches up with influential French Beauty Blogger, Mathilde Lacombe, to find out the latest French beauty trends - and picks up a couple of simple secrets to achieve that classic French look.

But it not all about the ladies as Rachel visits Cercle Delarc, an exclusive mens only day spa in Paris, to find out how French men take care of their beauty needs. It’s a bigger business than you might expect.

Rachel also meets with 71-year old model Isabelle Appay to talk beauty, lifestyle and timeless beauty in France.

Outside of Paris, Rachel learns about the anti aging properties of the grape and she pay’s a visit to one of the regions oldest perfumeries, Fragonard, to create her own personalized scent.