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Aside from all of France’s fabulous and luxurious surroundings, we couldn’t get past the people. The French are a country that miraculously manage to look effortlessly chic 24/7, and seem completely ageless (Isabel being the perfect example!). And while we can’t offer you the French’s fabulous genetic make up, we can give you five tips on how to recreate their effortless beauty look ....


1. Spread the love

We all know it’s important to have a well-equipped skin care regime, although for a lot of us, the care of our skin stops at our neck. However, the French reinforced how equally important it is to look after our entire body –which includes taking care of our skin from the chin down. This doesn’t require much extra effort, a simple full body exfoliate can be an effective tool for riding any excess dry skin and maintaining an all round radiant glow. Another tip, instead of using body moisturisers, use oil. Oils are a lot more concentrated and are able to hydrate the skin at a deeper level. The French also believe it’s important to not over do those steamy showers in winter- hot water can be extremely dehydrating for our skin.


2. Say yes to colour:

The French keep their makeup application to a minimum but at the same time, they also know when to add just the right amount of colour. You guessed it; we’re talking about their iconic ‘red lip’ and natural cheek blush. These two simple pops of colour will give you the perfect natural glow. As we know, the French are all in favour for a strike of colour, but if your everyday look is more subtle, we highly recommend you to step out side your comfort zone and try out using a bold colour. You never know, you may just strike a new friendship with the red lip.


3. Enjoy the smaller things in life:

When you’re in Paris you cant help but become completely immersed in to their lifestyle. The city is so calm and slow, which enables you to take in all of your surroundings and appreciate the smaller things in life. Unlike many cultures, French people take time in their day to enjoy a stroll through the park, sip an espresso with a friend, or indulge in some red wine. In turn this enables their stress levels to be kept at a low; Research has found direct links between stress and premature aging! So if you start feeling yourself becoming stressed out, try and take some time out and do something for yourself. Living a stress free life may in fact be the French’s secret to anti-aging. ‘A tranquil and content soul is more effective than any available beauty treatment’.


4. Start your beauty regimes young:

One thing we noticed about the French (both men and women) is that they begin looking after their skin at a very early age- as young as early teens. In addition to starting their preventative anti-aging at a young age, they also view sunscreen as a crucial component to their skincare regime. A good sunscreen and taking care of your skin before you see the first signs of aging will mean less maintenance, as you get older.


 5. Don't wash your hair:

Ok before you think we’re crazy, where not saying stop washing your hair altogether, instead try and space out the days between your washes. Excess washing will rid your hair of its natural oils and inturn make it become even oilier. The French are in favour of texture and shy away from blow waves and heated style tools. They prefer a more natural ‘bed-head’ look, which once again plays apart to their overall effortlessly chic look.