On her Tour of Beauty in Japan, Rachel takes to the streets of Shinjuku to meet the young men and women who live and breathe the extreme Japanese street fashions. She also enters the secret world of the Geisha to learn more about the attraction and allure behind these icons of Japanese beauty.

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Where Rachel went in Japan

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Starting in some of the most fashionable streets of Tokyo, Rachel meets Yui Moritani - said to be the Japanese Lady Gaga - and explores some of the extreme fashion trends on display in Tokyo. Surrounded by all these crazy street fashions, Rachel is inspired to have a go and gets dressed up Lolita style! Its not to be missed. 

Like many things in Japan, a contrast between old and new exists, and from the new age street fashion she heads to the traditional world of the Geisha. Its a privilege for Rachel to meet 3 Geisha women, and observe their makeup and beauty routine. Geisha are renowned for their amazing skin, despite all that heavy make up, and their beauty regime truly is astonishing. 


The secret to youth is searched for around the globe, and in Japan Rachel meets a woman who claims to have the answer. She is a Bimajo - a beauty witch - and is obsessed with anti aging. The answer to a youthful look she claims is a mixture of diet and exercise and she puts Rachel through her paces with an early morning sumo wrestling workout!!!! 

Before she leaves there is time for Rachel to try one last traditional beauty treatment - a full facial shave. No, do not adjust your set! Rachel visits a women's beauty salon and prepares for a razor shave - said to be the best exfoliant one can find!!