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We are continuously on the lookout for new natural beauty products, so when we came across the beauty-boasting ingredient ‘Matcha’ we were intrigued. If you aren’t familiar with the ingredient, you will be shortly. Or if you think we’re referring to ‘Matcha Lattes’, the ones you order at your local Starbucks- then there’s a whole lot more for you to learn!


What is ‘Matcha Green Tea’?

Matcha Green Tea is derived from Japan and comes in a bright green powder form, which is created by grinding down high quality organic Green Tea leaves. The key difference between ‘Matcha Green Tea’ and normal ‘Green Tea’ is that the nutrient comes from the whole leaf, where as Green Tea is consumed as tea-infused water. Whole tealeaves claim to have ten times the amount of nutritional value when compared to other teas.


What are the believed beauty benefits of ‘Matcha’?

  1. The tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and various studies have found this molecule is key to increasing the body’s metabolic rate. Thus by consuming Matcha Green Tea, it’s believed to increase your metabolism and aid in fat burning.
  1. The EGCG molecule found in Matcha is also an ingredient used for clearing up acne. The molecule unblocks the skins pores, by reducing the skins sebum secretion.
  2. The tealeaves are high in chlorophyll, which is a powerful source for attaining antioxidants and detoxifying the body. By having these high levels of protection properties, it can also protect the body from free-radical molecules. These are the molecules that play apart in aging the skin, for this reason studies are concluding (in theory) by consuming the drink it will help in keeping our skin ‘wrinkle free’.
  3. The degree of antioxidants found in Matcha is believed to be higher than both spinach and blueberries.
  4. Matcha also has the amino acid, L-theanine that is believed to be a natural mood enhancer and also a natural way to increase your concentration, mood and overall well-being.

Our Matcha verdict :

We are fans of the Matcha! Since the level of EGCG found in Matcha Green Tea is higher than normal Green Tea, it’s more likely to have anti-aging and other disease prevention benefits. The tea is also beneficial for healing the skin, as it contains chlorophyll which is an excellent source of antioxidants. However we believe in order to get the most out of Matcha, you should take it both internally and apply it externally on your skin. It may also pay to shop around, as this powerhouse powder can be a little on the expensive side.