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1. Do you think LA really is the land of nip/ tuck?

 Yes, Los Angeles is the mecca for plastic surgery because of the volume of celebrities that live here as well as being the location of the music, film and television industries. 


 2. Why do you think there has been an increase of those getting Botox?  

 There are several reasons for the increase in patients getting Botox. One reason is that many individuals want a minimally invasive procedure with little downtime that is immediately effective- Botox is perfect for this. 

The effect of the film, television and music industries located in Los Angelesplay a significant role. Patients of all ages are becoming desensitized to plastic surgery in general as more celebrities come clean about their cosmetic procedures. Therefore, having a procedure whether it be big or small is seen as being less “taboo.” This is true with most anything, the longer it is around the more the general public become used to it and perceive it as “normal.” 

Lastly, with so many practitioners and spas offering Botox as one of their services, the prices are often reasonable.


3. What age are people starting to get injectables now and is it true if you begin earlier it slows down the aging process? 

Because of what we see in the media regarding certain celebrities, I see patients as early as their late teens coming in for injectables. Mostly this is for adding volume like wanting plumper and fuller lips.   

Theoretically, yes. One can say that the aging process is slowed down a bit by having fillers injected. When filler is placed under the skin, the body recognizes that a little trauma has occurred and sets of a healing mechanism.  As a result, our body begins to grow new collagen around the filler. 

Regarding fillers, I would just caution the patient in injecting too much which could actually have the effect of making one look older. 

4. What is your most popular treatment? 

I will break this down into three different categories: 

Injectables: Botox is clearly number one 

Minimally Invasive Devices: ThermiSmooth 

Surgical: Rhinoplasty or nose jobs 


5. What are three words you live by? 

Be happy, Meditate, Have fun (I know that is more than three words)