On the road in Korea

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen) in Korea? Dong Hee, her openness to go on a journey of exploring the mind of someone who wanted to physical change her body! To be brave and open and leave me thinking who am I to judge someone else ... I try not to make any judgement on people. But this subject will bring up a lot of chit chat ... As we all want to say "just love yourself " well what does that mean ... She somehow took me on that journey of own self-discovery. 

Best beauty product or secret... BB cream was clearly the product for both male and female. 

Must have fashion item…K pop 

Try any good foods? Bullfrog tea :) 

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight? I loved the vibrancy of the lights of the city, the bustle, electrifying streets day and night!! The little side streets would hold surprises of great restaurants. Interesting stores and great karaoke.

Something you learned... Men, there are also taking care of them selves 

Tell us a story from the road… A friend of my mine & my sisters were in town.... Sunim he is a Zen Buddhists Monk. We went to Temple, meditated, tea ceremony. And walked for hours talking. Then later went for food. He is very special and be a guiding light for many years. I love the fact of connecting with people as I travel. 

Anything challenging? No South Korea was amazing loved loved loved! The days we had no English some how communication happens we all listen feel and somehow understand each other. 

Funniest moment (on or off screen)?Clearly, the when the DR probed my ass! 

Three words to describe Korea...Modern, Colour, Ancient ways.


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