On the Road in France

Who was the most interesting person you met (on or off screen) in France?

Isabelle affected me incredibly .. Her self acceptance , her balance in life , her enormous passion for life . When I found her bookcase it gave me a glimpse into her life .. Fearless and beautiful !

Matilde was an inspiring woman as well !

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned in France? The Grape .. Loved finding out about resveratrol.

Any must have French fashion items?… hahaha ... The puffer jacket ... Kidding :) ... For me the scarf.

Try any good foods? All the food was amazing in France ... Had to have my French of course - favourite steak and pomme frites 💛

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you? Paris is an exquisite place for culture, romance, effortless chic, food .. My list goes on ... Markets are always fantastic.

Something you learned?... French enjoy food, moderation in everything!

Rachel and the TOB crew travel to Bordeaux from Paris by train

Tell us a story from the road… Before we got on the train to Bordeaux .. We went to the local market to get food for the 9 the journey. Never go into a French market hungry ... I bought food for a party of 30. We had an amazing journey eating French bread chicken berries cheese the list went on.

Anything challenging? Terrible allergies!

Three words to describe France…. Chic, Romantic, fragrant.


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