On the Road in Los Angeles

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Doctor Valter Longo, his dedication to what he believes in, and the wellness of the human race . And his mice ! I mean how cute are they ! I also love Dr Honrodo and his light touch,  and his views on beauty . 

Best beauty product or secret...

Valters FMD (fasting mimicking diet)...As much as it was hard, you couldn't complain with the results. 

Try any good foods?

Yes - there was so much of it t the final lunch at home with my family. Getting to re-live all those global food moments together with my family was great. Great food tastes even better in the company of those you love!


Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

My dogs :)) 

Something you learned...

That its most likely Ill give anything a go! I ate emu in Australia , drunk bullfrogs in Korea, tried birds nests in China, and had my face shaved in Japan... (the list goes on)...  My decision to do Botox on screen was another example of giving something a go. It was part of the journey in that place - Los Angeles.  And I thought, just like the bullfrog tea, and the bird nests soup, if an opportunity presents itself, why not give it a go. Everyone wonders about Botox so why not do it on screen ...    

Most challenging...

The diet , ughhhhh by the 4th  day it was just so hard, I was super sensitive, and to have to work while on that diet... man,  I didn't like my snap turtle attitude ! 

Tell us a story from the road...

This one is a story, not just from LA but from the whole journey. Spanning 12 months, our crew were on the road, on this journey together, and it was a ride! And the team were formidable!. From the researchers to the production staff, to the crew and every person involved, They were ever-patient, had fantastic humor, and a huge sense of commitment.  

To go on a journey like this has been incredible, and I want to thank every person that we came into contact with - you changed my life . I have so many stories !  

And I hope more than any thing we have been able to give a little insight into this super powerful , resourceful , beautiful planet we live on!  As well as an insight into our ancestors as well as a look at the scientists that continue to study and keep traditions alive . 

Reflection  (on or off screen)?

As I reflect,  my insatiable appetite for the world and well being has grown. I will continue this search for more knowledge and new places always.  As the show ends in Los Angeles I feel like parts of my heart are scattered around the world, with all the beautiful people that I met . I tip my hat to you all and live the wealth of knowledge you give to the world !

Till next time. I hope you all are benefiting from the experience as I have! 

Three words to describe Los Angeles...

Sad, End of Season 

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