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Fermented Tofu

During our Tour of Beauty journey we noticed fermented food was extremely common among the Asian countries(Korea, China & Japan). While we definitely enjoyed all of the fermented foods, admittedly one of our favourites would have to be the fermented tofu we had in Japan with the ‘beauty witch’. From the tofus silk like consistency, to its appeasing taste, we simply couldn’t enough of this delicacy! And when we found out all of its believed health benefits... it made sense why the ‘beauty witch’ looked so insanely good for her age.


The Benefits

Fermented soy products have the ability to convert minerals such as (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc) to be more resolvable. This then enables the body to more easily absorb nutrients. Fermented tofu also has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore “can help protect the blood vessels from oxidative and inflammatory damage”. In addition fermented tofu is trusted to increase concentration of bioactive peptides, which is seen a key component for weight control. And ladies, fermented soy could also help with menopausal symptoms. Soybeans are in fact the richest source of Isoflavones (polyphenolic compounds capable of exerting estrogen-like effects). Thus by including fermented soy into your diet it will increase your estrogen.





We loved this dish and Rachel described her sensory system after eating it to be "awake, alert, and feeling good". If you also liked the look and sound of this breakfast dish, here is what you'll need to recreate it.

"Very easy cooking you just cut". Wow, this truly is so simple, but at the same time dangerously delish!



-Fermented tofu

-Fermented Bonita fish flakes

-Soy sauce

-Sesame seeds

-Spring onions