Known for its beautiful beaches, reefs and resorts, Fiji's attributes are more than a picture postcard to send home. On her Tour of Beauty in Fiji, Rachel learns the forest is the pharmacy and that nature is the key to the health and beauty remedies passed down for generations on the islands.A south pacific proverb reads “He who plants a coconut tree plants food and drink, tools and ointment, a habitat for himself, and a heritage for his children”.

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Fiji's sacred Dilo Oil

Where Rachel went in Fiji

Garden of the sleeping giant

Pure Fiji

In Fiji, Rachel learns (with the help of a handsome young villager called Alex) more about this amazing nut and the tree from which it grows. The list of things it provides are really quite astonishing.

But it’s not only this tiny village where the plants and flowers provide more than a pretty view. Rachel has a meeting with Leba, a woman whose bad health was cured by drinking the juice of the Noni fruit!

There are more plants, fruits and nuts being dried, crushed, chopped and squeezed at the iconic Pure Fiji factory, and here Rachel learns about the qualities of the Dilo nut, whose oil is prized for its beauty benefits.

All this heat has gotta make a girl hungry, and thank goodness Rachel meets Lance Seeto, a well known chef, who cooks her a delicious meal made with grapes foraged from the sea! Salty goodness! 

 There are many other natural resources in Fiji too, and Rachel travels to a remote village where she learns that the forest is the pharmacy! Natural medicinal resources are abundant in this village, and Rachel is given a guided tour to learn more about the amazing plants growing in the region.