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A common trend we have noticed during our tour of beauty journey is that various cultures use oil - whether it be for their wellbeing or skin care, oil is often an essential part to people’s daily ritual. There is no denying, that we are right there with them, we are also big oil advocates (coconut, olive and Argan oil). However an oil which we were unfamiliar with, was one of Fijis delicacy “The Dilo oil”. And boy! Aren’t we glad this little gem was introduced to us!


The Dilo oil is extremely rare oil and native to the dreamy Islands of Fiji and and can be found nowhere else in the world. The locals collect the nuts from the ground; sundry them and then cold press them to extract the oil (as we saw). For centuries, Islanders thought the Dilo tree was a “sacred gift of nature and that Gods hid in its branches"we couldn’t agree more! With an oil like this at your dispose, there’s no wonder the locals glow on the inside and the out.


The Power Behind The Dilo Nut.

Dilo oil aka ‘the tree of thousand virtues’ is renowned in Fiji for its ability to replenish the skin and helps to alleviate many dermological ailments. The Dilo oil molecular structure is comprised of essential fatty acids and contains many chemical components. All of which have proven to be helpful in the restoration and regeneration of skin tissue and cells, thus making it a secrert weapon for anti-aging. It also offers an array of other traditional topical treatments to the Island” (Pure Fiji). Other amazing benefits of the Dilo nut oil, include the below:


The oil soothing effect aids in irritation and inflammation on the skin. It also Treats sunburn, insect bites, acne, eczma


As you soon as you apply Dilo oil, it’s like you instantaneously become a goddess. You and your skin become radiant . This oil is a true gift from nature.