French Beauty Tips

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Why Olive Oil?

When we visited the stunning islands of Greece, we noticed one of their key kitchen supplies was olive oil. For some reason when applied over food, the oil has an ability to make everything taste a tad more delicious. The consistency of olive oil is also very similar to coconut oil and as we have learnt, coconut can be used on just about anything, which got us thinking – could olive oil also be beneficial to your hair and skin?

It turns out olive oil has been seen as a ‘beauty remedy’ since ancient times- thanks to Cleopatra. The oil is believed to have a ‘anti-aging’ agenda, due to having both antioxidant properties and hydrating squalene- making it too favourable for your hair and nails!

 How you can incorporate the super Nourishing kitchen staple into your beauty routine:


  1. Nourish dry/cracked feet:

 After exfoliating your feet, apply warmed up olive oil to your cracked heels. Put socks on and let the hydrating oil penetrate through as you sleep.


  1. Hair treatment:

Apply warmed up olive oil to damp shampooed hair. Wrap your hair up in a towel to keep all moisture in. Allow the oil to be on your hair for 20 minutes. Gently comb the oil through to the ends. Shampoo off.


  1. Remove makeup:

Warm a small amount of olive oil (this can be done with your fingers) then apply on areas of the face where the make up is. Remove with lukewarm water.


  1. Nighttime moisturizer.

If your skin is feeling extra dry, apply a very thin layer of oil over your face. Since the oil has both antioxidants and Vitamin E, it will help nourish your skin whilst sleeping. This should only be done a few times per week.


  1. Reduce puffiness around eyes.

 Refrigerate a small amount of oil and gently massage around the eyes. The oil works as ananti-inflammatory and aids in reducing eye puffiness. 


  1. Soft lips exfoliate

 If your lips are feeling dry, combine olive oil and a small amount of sugar into a bowl and mix together. Apply with a toothbrush to your lips and brush with gentle circular movements over your lips.


  1. Shaving cream

 If you have run out of shaving cream, olive oil has you covered. By applying the oil all over your legs before shaving will mean you avoid any razor burn, as the oil works as a natural lubricant.