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Roses have always been a part of nature which we have admired, we also knew there were more benefits to the flower, which went beyond their delicious smell and striking looks. Fortunately, during our time in Morocco, we were introduced to one of their sacred remedies - ‘Rose water’. Wow! Who would have thought this one flower, could in fact offer various skin and overall well being benefits… a true gift of nature.


Rose water has the ability to sooth and cool sensitive skin, it also balances and cleanses oily skin and rejuvenates and hydrates skin that is dry and mature. In fact, no matter what your skin type is, it can leave you with a glowing and more revitalized face.


Rose water contains anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties, endless anti-oxidants and vitamins (e A, C, D, E and B3). All of which are a necessity in helping prevent signs of ageing and nourishing the appearance of your skin.


Rose water benefits:


Reduces eye puffiness: By applying cottons pads with refrigerated rose water on to your eyes, it helps sooth the delicate skin around your eyes and also aids with reducing eye puffiness.


Anti-depressant: A cup of tea infused with Rose water, is believed to be a natural mood enhancer. The combination can also help to calm your mind and relax your emotional state. This is due to its ability to relieve any nervous tension you may be holding within your body.


Skin: One of the main reason we love rose water, is because of its ability to work wonders on your skin. Rose water is also becoming more frequent amongst skin care products. Why? Well there are not many natural ingredients, which have the ability to (a) tighten your skins pores (b) hydrate (c) balance (d) moisturize (e) treat acne- All without causing any irritation.


Makeup Remover: Apply rose water to a dampened cotton pad and gently massage your face to remove make up. We love this idea, because it’s not only completely natural, it’s also extremely gentle on the skin and around your eye area.


Other uses for Rose Water:

  • Sunburn: Simply apply the water on the burnt area and let the magic begin.
  • Toner: Rose water is an effective way treat both acne and wrinkles, it’s also perfect for balancing the skin after you have cleansed and exfoliated. Apply rose water to freshly washed skin with a cotton ball, or spray on lightly (avoiding the eyes).
  • Natural perfume: Simply add an oil of your choice (we like to use Jasmine) to rosewater and spray on your body. This will rid you of any unwanted body odour.
  • Headaches: By applying a cold towel soaked with rose water it will help relieve your headache.