On the Road in Los Angeles

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Doctor Valter Longo, his dedication to what he believes in, and the wellness of the human race . And his mice ! I mean how cute are they ! I also love Dr Honrodo and his light touch,  and his views on beauty . 

Best beauty product or secret...

Valters FMD (fasting mimicking diet)...As much as it was hard, you couldn't complain with the results. 

Try any good foods?

Yes - there was so much of it t the final lunch at home with my family. Getting to re-live all those global food moments together with my family was great. Great food tastes even better in the company of those you love!


Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

My dogs :)) 

Something you learned...

That its most likely Ill give anything a go! I ate emu in Australia , drunk bullfrogs in Korea, tried birds nests in China, and had my face shaved in Japan... (the list goes on)...  My decision to do Botox on screen was another example of giving something a go. It was part of the journey in that place - Los Angeles.  And I thought, just like the bullfrog tea, and the bird nests soup, if an opportunity presents itself, why not give it a go. Everyone wonders about Botox so why not do it on screen ...    

Most challenging...

The diet , ughhhhh by the 4th  day it was just so hard, I was super sensitive, and to have to work while on that diet... man,  I didn't like my snap turtle attitude ! 

Tell us a story from the road...

This one is a story, not just from LA but from the whole journey. Spanning 12 months, our crew were on the road, on this journey together, and it was a ride! And the team were formidable!. From the researchers to the production staff, to the crew and every person involved, They were ever-patient, had fantastic humor, and a huge sense of commitment.  

To go on a journey like this has been incredible, and I want to thank every person that we came into contact with - you changed my life . I have so many stories !  

And I hope more than any thing we have been able to give a little insight into this super powerful , resourceful , beautiful planet we live on!  As well as an insight into our ancestors as well as a look at the scientists that continue to study and keep traditions alive . 

Reflection  (on or off screen)?

As I reflect,  my insatiable appetite for the world and well being has grown. I will continue this search for more knowledge and new places always.  As the show ends in Los Angeles I feel like parts of my heart are scattered around the world, with all the beautiful people that I met . I tip my hat to you all and live the wealth of knowledge you give to the world !

Till next time. I hope you all are benefiting from the experience as I have! 

Three words to describe Los Angeles...

Sad, End of Season 

On the road in Mexico

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Loved spending time with Nora in the markets and cooking, the information she had regarding the ingredients she used was remarkable. Also, the Temezcal was amazing - all the different treatments from sweating were incredible. I loved this detox !! And the egg reading, it was right up my tree too! All the healing and information on wellness was great.

Best beauty product or secret.

Honey -  the sacred Mayan honey !! Wow, the taste and the sensations in my mouth!  It was so cool to see these bees and to understand their importance -  without bees, we don't have much .... And again the honey was amazing.  I would just take some and put on my lips, it was that fine. 

Must have fashion item… Agave, haha, alas the beautiful clothing in the markets in Oaxaca with all the hand stitching.  

Try any good foods?

Loved the Amaranth bars that we made. They were like sesame seed bars. Amaranth has all that nutritional goodness and just one little bar gave me so much energy. I also loved the water straight right from the tree branches near Tulum, and the chewing gum tree ... Who knew !!! 


Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

Oaxaca is stunning! there is so much history there. And such a diverse range of beautiful scenery - fields of amazing produce, immaculate gardens, beautiful homes, horses and carts going by in the street. The people are beautiful too. 

Yucatan is a magical area of Mexico well known for its exotic beaches and amazing hotels. But to get past the usual tourist areas and see the everyday life of the people and the richness of the region was beautiful. To get to swim in the incredible waters of the cenotes was awesome. I loved meeting the local healers too. The area is very special, the steeped in history. 

Something you learned...

I had no idea that chewing gum came from a tree ... I always chewed it thinking it was just made up of who knows what. But a gum tree!! Amazing!  All I could remember was the Juicy fruit commercial and the tree. They weren't far off 

Tell us a story from the road…

well, I was on my way to see Kris to get my hair and makeup done ... We were staying in an old monastery, as I was going down these ancient stairs I slipped and fell to the bottom ... I went from a typical 'no no I'm fine' ... To I'm in a neck brace for a couple of days . :))) please see the humor ! 

Anything challenging?

The mosquitos in Yucatan ,  they made my feet swell so clearly I was a little allergic ! Not too challenging but worthy of a mention!

Three words to describe Mexico…

Family ..Unity .. Agriculture 

On the road in Brazil

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Carolina Cronenberg, her passion for her line of new beauty products was incredible!... I was inspired by the way she was exploring new techniques for beauty care and makeup and using ingredients from her own backyard... such an intelligent woman too, she has impressive university credentials, but to choose to change her career, to do things her way and create an amazing range of natural products is so cool! She was gentle beautiful and inspiring!


Of course, I also loved Dr Pitanguy too! I was so surprised by his thoughts on beauty and that he was more taken with inner beauty! ❤️

Best beauty product or secret...

The Amazon! Its rich with fruits & nuts with a number of health and beauty benefits... There was an endless supply of intriguing fruits and nuts I hadn't come across.. 

Must have fashion item… 

Football .. The love of the game there is infectious!

Try any good foods?

All the fruit in the markets were incredible - I wanted to ship them all home ! 

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

Salvador was brilliant in color and culture , the town square was full of people singing and it made me just want to get up and dance! There was always something to watch, always someone to welcome you, to ask you to join in to whatever they were doing ! The old buildings there were incredible too - with both African and European influence . Rio was cool too. 

Something you learned...

To see people embrace what I have always believed - love your body no matter  what shape or size . The idea of being sexy and at peace with your whole self including your physical body is a total feeling of self acceptance -  this is who I am .. & I LOVE IT!! 

Also loved learning capoeira the dance martial art. It was difficult at first to learn, but once I got involved it was like a beautiful dance! 

Tell us a story from the road

 one night I was off, just walking the streets and every few feet was someone playing an instrument .. I passed a man playing the violin. He danced, and people watched . There were people gathering in huge crowds too eating on the hillsides...talking , laughing  involved with life and each other - and surprsingly not on their phones ! I just sat and had dinner outside and took the whole atmosphere in ! 

Funniest moment (on or off screen)?

Definitely the work out on the beach with all those men flexing their muscles ! 

Three words to describe Brazil… 

Sexy,Sporty, Happy