On the road in China

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen?) Jane Nui, being so young and having such an open view in modern beauty in a cosmetic way. Botox makeup, and how it's seen in the eyes of some women, all of which are apart of the culture. I guess I'm still naive at the thought that some 20-year-olds do this all over the world. I could have listened to her all day.

Best beauty product or secret...

Love! The nurturing for one another in the older communities.

Also To be in the Hainan Islands and to see the vast difference to Beijing. Beijing being super modern busy. To the islands. All the organic produce and bikes, movement, community again!

As in most of the countries that have vast history seem to really have the sense of community, which I feel after being to a few of these countries to me is a key to, and a happy longer life so far.

Try any good foods?

China definitely had a selection of very different foods from spiders, silkworms to birds nests. I love water chestnuts, their fresh and taste delicious!

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

The China Wall. To see this incredible wall of history, it endlessly goes on & on. So many thoughts run though your head of the buliding of this incredible piece of history!

Something new .. Love the way Chinese Medicine, always live the ancient ways, the alternative ways of seeing things and treatments etc! I could have lived in that Chinese doctor's waiting room intrigued by everyone and everything that came out of there or what was on display 

Tell us a story from the road..

One of the Mr Lee's that we were interviewing.. Asked if we could get done as quick as possible... The reason.... His wife had the flu. To see the love, the care in his eyes for his wife. The need to go and nurture her was beautiful. To see this quality of love was intensely beautiful.. Especially after 80 old years of marriage :) !

Anything challenging? Internet.

Must have item? A bike!! 

Funniest moment (on or off screen)? Clearly the bike & Mr Lee. 

Three words to describe China? Surprising, organized, modern.  

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