On the road in Australia

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Stefan from Skin DNA. The science behind the DNA test and results was fascinating and very new to me. To individualise the skin - so you know what your skin specifically needs – is fascinating and amazing. My test results, and what the results taught me, were incredible. I will remember and refer to this information for life - in terms of what I put ON my skin… and what I put IN my body too!

Best beauty product or secret...Skin DNA test, and of course the papaw!! 

Must have fashion item… An Aussie Hat.

Try any good foods? The ancestral fruits that Vic Cherikoff introduced me too were incredible! There are so many fascinating fruits and veges to explore. 

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight? The Great Barrier Reef. Landing on that sand cay was just sensational! The white sand, the turquoise ocean… stunning!

Something you learned... To see and learn the barrier reef is the same as us - Under attack from the environment and harsh pollution that causes damage. It was an amazing to make the comparison and then ask myself... How do I treat my own self? What do I put in me? On me? Do I respect my external and internal self...

Also I have somewhat of a new outlook on fruit.. I LOVE fruit!! But now I definitely go for seasonal farm to table and the smaller kinds, rather than the oversized ones!  

Tell us a story from the road… The heat with the emus! The domination I had to learn fast around my new found furry friends :) 

Funniest moment (on or off screen)? The EMUS!! They kept me on my toes.

Three words to describe Australia: No Worries Mate.

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