On the road in Dubai

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)? Dahlia - she gave me an amazing insight into being a woman in the Emirates.  As always, I want to learn and understand different cultures.. And to never be ignorant!! 

Best beauty product or secret... I loved the souks! Full of ancient remedies... herbs, spices, amazing smells, and sounds, my dreams..I love all the amazing markets like these that we have found on this tour of the world! So many goodies! 

Must have fashion item… OUD! Its a perfume. I bought my first OUD back in 1994 when I visited Dubai, and have loved it since. 

Try any good foods? Camels milk...Delicious! And....Yes DATES :)

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?The mosques, and the call for prayer at various times throughout the day. Also the deserts were absolutely serene and magical. To see the sunrise in the desert was incredible, the colors were amazing and it was so incredibly peaceful! 

Something new... Camels milk! It's apparently high in Vitamin C and minerals. 

Tell us a story from the road… Oh wow... Hmmm...I basically lived at the souks, I couldn't keep away, the amazing smells, the beautiful sound of the call to prayer, the mix of different cultures and the jewellery!! Wow! Everything seems magnified there! I love being somewhere so different to where I come from! 

Funniest moment (on or off screen)?Definitely the end of the program where I decide to make friends with the local "deer"...   

Three words to describe Dubai …. Diverse...Abundant...Surreal. If you want a desert holiday or a futuristic one...You can have it there! Or both! Amazing! 

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