On the road in Fiji

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)? 

Chef Lance Seeto.. Lance's information on the local ancestral diet and using the local produce was so informative! I have recently started listening to my body and eating the foods my body is craving. The sea grapes were delicious and I am still craving them!!  Can’t wait to have them again.

Also Leba was inspiring and her story was so interesting! She was so unwell, and I found the fact she followed her own instincts and drunk Noni juice incredible.. And she really did get better.

Of course Alex. I also enjoyed meeting Alex.... 

Best beauty product or secret... The Dilo Nut - wow what a nut! So good for your skin. And growing everywhere in Fiji. 

Must have fashion item… It has gotta be coconuts.. Drink them, eat them, make them into instruments... This little gem has got to be the all round great nut! Hahaha, a fashion item that you can also live off!  Good survival no matter what!

Try any good foods? Sea grapes!  A traditional source of essential vitamins & minerals from the sea... Loved them! Lance's menu food was incredible! 

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight? The beaches of Fiji are just so beautiful - the intensity of the colors, the cleanliness of the water...

Something you learnt?

The sense of community in Fiji is incredible... the love Fijians have for their community and their way of life, the togetherness.... The smiles and warmth Fijians give when just saying hello ... You feel happy and comforted by the warmth of the people.

Tell us a story from the road…

On one of the islands of Fiji... We were all talking one night about spiders and I was like I'm all good with spiders, as there are no scary or harmful ones in Fiji. Then Kris (hair & makeup) and I were having a moment talking again before we went off to our huts about the insects and I was totally chilled about it... Then going back to my room, a rather large spider decided to stand at my door! It didn’t know what way to run and me... I was horrified!!! ... We both ran in opposite directions thank goodness! And that night I slept with one eye open. 

Three words to describe Fiji…. Joy...Laughter...Love!

Rachel HunterComment