On the road in Morocco

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)?

Most definitely the women from the different co-ops I visited, both at the Rose water co-ops in the Atlas Mountains and Argan oil co-op between Essaouira and Marrakesh. Such beautiful women.

Best beauty product or secret?

Argan oil ... It has so many uses!! You can use it on your hair, skin, in your cooking... I use the oil on my salad all the time now. The cooking Argan oil is delicious - it's roasted so it has more of a nutty taste...

Must have fashion item…

All I would say is go there with little attire, as the markets are full of amazing scarves, clothes, bags, everything! You'll want to buy an entire suitcase full - or two ;)

Try any good foods?

Everything I ate in Morocco tasted incredible! The tagine at Le Bled with Chef Moha, wow! That whole experience was incredible - it was such an amazing property, there was so much amazing organic produce there, as well as a beautiful boutique hotel.

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

Everywhere! It's very seductive, the exotic medinas...the Atlas Mountains... Essaouira ... It satisfies all the senses!

Something you learned...

How to pour mint tea, everywhere I went there was mint tea! It's harder than it looks to pour a good brew, I tell you. You have to be sure to get the froth!

Tell us a story from the road…

Coming back from the Roses in the Atlas Mountains, I saw the beautiful face of a nomad, he had such intensity to his eyes. I walked to him and asked Tarik one of our guides if he could ask if I could take a picture. He said yes. I asked if I could put a scarf on and he wrapped my head in a beautiful light blue scarf, a particular nomad colour for the tribe. a special moment for me. I love those moments ... Getting lost in someone else's views....

Funniest moment (on or off screen)?

Snakes ...ekkkk not ok!

Three words to describe Morocco…

Seductive ... Brilliant... Exotic

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