On the road in Japan

Most interesting person you met (on or off screen)? 

Meeting Senyume, the oldest of the Geisha women I met, was an honour. Her essence and her spirit were so special. Some people come along in life and touch you and I'll never forget Senyume. Her gentle kind & loving heart, her generosity to speak of her life and her willingness to share....  When I am welcomed into someone else's world on Tour of Beauty, I am always overwhelmed by how brave and beautiful they are... To have a glimpse into this world. Was so interesting. 

Best beauty product or secret... 

The makeup application at the Shisedo beauty park was cool!  You get to try out colours and different makeup without applying them. Japan is just a smorgasbord of beauty products. So take your pick in what suits your skin! 

Must have fashion item…  hahaha anything cute  .. Seeing everyone embrace the fantasy or extreme ways of dressing was inspiring! the crazier the better ! As well as Lolita , cyber , punk .... there was also the super chic fashion elite. The streets these fashionistas roamed were also inspiring, and super cool!

Try any good foods?


The beauty witch's breakfast was such an incredible new delicious way to eat breakfast! My body felt light & energized, it was so delicious and it felt extremely healthy. The tofu was silk tofu. Which is much softer than the other kinds I have tried. I'm a huge fan of this breakfast! 

Most beautiful scenery, place or sight?

Honestly standing in the busiest crosswalk in the world was just awesome, this city buzzes with the ultra modern fused with old ways! To look up and see the massive screens, an incredible wave of people coming at you. You just want to stand and look up and take it all in! 

Something you learned... Who knew shaving could be so good for you! My skin felt super soft and looked very fresh! 

Tell us a story from the road...

On our day off Kris and I went to the temple, of course, I had to hunt a temple down, always excited to see the different religious aspects of a culture, it was stunning the smell of the incense and the enormous Buddhas surrounding the temple were magnificent.

Funniest moment (on or off screen)?

The shaving was crazy , all my baby hairs !! Gone ! Never to be seen again , and I didn't grow back prickly :) 

Three words to describe Japan….

Modern .. Young ... Intoxicating


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