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What is Rhodiola?

There is no secret we are HUGE fans of all super foods, so when we came across Rhodiola Rosea aka Golden Root, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. While this may this may seem like a ‘new’ super food, we can assure you it’s not. Rhodiola dates back as far as the 19th century and in many countries it’s deemed the most advanced botanical medicine available. This is because of its abilities to enhance oxygen utilization and physical endurance.

 Rhodiola is a recurrent flowering plant and has a subtle ‘rose’ aroma- the plant itself is also extremely hardy. Rhodiola can be most commonly found throughout Asia, Europe and parts of North America.



How Rhodiola is a super food:

Rhodiola works as an adaptogenic because of its ability to balance the body’s endocrine and immune functions. If you’re wondering what an ‘adaptogens’ is…. it should actually be nicknamed ‘amazing’. It has the ability to calm the body down and at the same time, it can give just the right amount of extra energy. It also works by harmonizing your body and ridding any imbalances. This is because it supports the body’s adrenal function and helps to neutralize the unfavorable effects of stress. And by allowing the body access to extra energy, it eleviates toxins from the metabolic system and assists the body to more efficiently use oxygen....all while causing no harm!


Why Rhodiola:

As mentioned earlier, Rhodiola is an effective stress reducer and allows you to cope with all types of stressors (mental or physical). It also has the ability to enhance your mood and reduce depression and anxiety- leaving you to feel ‘emotionally calm and at ease’.

The Rhodiola herb triggers a metabolic balance that protects and stimulated the body’s immune system. This in turn surges the fighting cells, which aid the body to fight off any illnesses.

The herb is also extremely popular among athletes (especially Russian Olympians). When competing and training, they take the herb, as they believe it gives them a physical and mental advantage.


Other benefits of Rhodiola:


-       Helps with headaches and migraines by regulating blood flow.

-       Improves with both concentration span and clarity

-       Enhances sex drive

-       Helps with making you feel calmer

-       Free radical fighter

-       Fatigue reliever

-       Protects and nourishes your nervous system

-       Improves the overall functioning of adrenal glands

-       Triggers the body to utilize oxygen

-       Protects against extreme weathers (hot and cold)

-       Reduces symptoms of menopause



How to have your Rhodiola:

**The Rhodiola herb goes a very long way; it’s recommended to start with initially no more than ½ teaspoon serving per day** Add the herb to either a glass of purified water or coconut water. Or serve hot in a herbal tea.