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Q&A with Pure Fiji


After a recommendation from the lovely Pure Fiji team, we went to hunt down the Noni Tree. We were fortunate enough to find it, but lets just say, it’s not one for first impressions. Noni could be describe as unattractive with an equally unpleasant smell…Luckily we aren’t ones to judge- so we decided to push through the stench and once we found out about this superfruits numerous health benefits we’re glad we did.

The Noni fruit grows in tropical climates and has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits. The fruit starts off a green colour and then turns yellow as it ripens. Noni is most commonly sold and consumed in a juice form. It is also important that you drink the pulp from the fruit, as this is what contains the main nutrients. Other health benefits come form the bark and leaves of the tree and the seeds. The believed health benefits of the Noni juice include the below:




Nutritional Values:


Noni juice is renowned for its ability to boost the immune system as it contains antioxidants (vitamin C, A, niacin and iron). The fruit is also comprised of fatty acids and protein all of which aid in promoting a healthy and balanced diet. The combination of both anti-inflammatory and antioxidants found in the fruit, allows users to feel a sense of longevity and anti-aging (look and feel younger for longer).



The properties derived from the Noni fruit can be beneficial for certain skin conditions such as eczema and ringworm- just apply on the affected skin area. You can also use it as a nourishing hair treatment (leave for 15 minutes and rinse off.) This will leave both your skin and hair feeling revitalized; the juice is also believed to help your nails grow stronger.



The Noni fruit has the ability to trigger both serotonin and melatonin, which are two key hormones for your mental stability. When you have an imbalance of serotonin if can affect your mood, sleep and emotional state thus contributing to depression. Melatonin is what normalizes your Circadian rhythm (which is what enables you to sleep). By keeping your melatonin regulated it will mean you have a decent night sleep and in turn increase your mood.


Digestive Health:

Noni is believed to be excellent tool for cleansing your digestive tract and enhancing your body’s digestion ability. Although it’s advised to use the Noni juice sparingly due to its ability to have a laxative affect. This does however mean Noni can also be used as a natural treatment for constipation, diarrhoea, and nausea.



Noni is also known as the “ The Pain Killer Tree”, numerous studies have shown the fruit has a powerful ability to drastically reduce pain. This is why many use Noni as a natural alternative to paracetamol.