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Q&A with Dr Honrado



Whats your favourite Pure Fiji product and why?
We love all our products but have a special fondness for dilo as it really is the tree of 1000 virtues.  The oil is amazing not only for its anti ageing benefits but it's healing potential due to the calophyllic acid which helps regenerate skin cells.  We have a bottle in every room of our house as it is great for burns, sun burn, rashes and insect bites.


2. Can you share any recipes? or homemade beauty tips? 
No recipe is required, the base of all Pure Fiji products is Virgin Coconut oil which has been used for centuries to beautify both skin and hair. Can be used as a hair treatment, directly on skin as a moisturizer and a great tip is that it also makes a great gentle make up remover! 



3. What makes your products so special?  
Our ingredients are slow grown allowing them to reach their full potential.  The nuts are only collected once they drop from the tree....just as nature intended.  Our nut oils are cold pressed which retains all the natural nutrients and our botanicals are a major percentage of our formulations.


4. How would you describe Fijian beauty?  
Fijians are naturally beautiful and from the time they are born are massaged with various blends of coconut oil.  


5. What are three words to live by?  
Gratitude, Peace and Love.